Sunday, July 4, 2010

People Like Us

I had lots of fun playing the games and watching the clips. Well I guess the American notion of non class is just a dream.... Moving from class to class can occur, but it seems so marginally. And you must understand the rules and codes of power!!!
When viewing the character's short clips, I was struck by the absolute arrogance of
joef.jpgHis book title Balsamic Dreams: A Short but Self Important History of the Baby Boomer looks like one sarcastic manifesto. Who is the self important baby boomer?I'm so sensitized to the sarcasm and arrogance on television! I lived in Italy and I liked watching under the Tuscan sun!....

It was interesting to hear LAWRENCE OTIS GRAHAM's
lawrencef.jpg(author of Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class) take on upward mobility and the accusation of "selling out and abandoning your background and your history".
The furniture game has an interesting premise, the things we buy do say a lot about us! I think more lifelike visuals would have made a greater impact.

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